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Winter Checklist, Burlap, Snow Removal, Tree Pruning & Gratitude

Season Wrap-up


Hope everyone is well and enjoying the holiday season.


We had one of the most beautiful autumns that I have ever seen with the exception of it being one of the driest falls on record. We asked you to wait for the very last moment to winterize your sprinkler systems-a little longer than usual due to the fall drought. Your trees and shrubs will thank you this spring. Thank you for trusting us on that.


We have also stressed to you the importance of burlapping your more sensitive plants only after the first hard frost. We just started that process 10 days ago. I was riding around a month ago and saw many properties already burlapped. That is a big NO NO. There will be more problems from burlapping than not at all this coming spring.


What we are concentrating on for the remainder of the year is finishing the wrapping of burlap, gutter cleaning, final lawn clean-ups, firewood and hard pruning of your trees and shrubs. We are ready to go for snow removal services as well. Also we are walking through the homes we take care of, making sure plumbing, heating and other systems are working properly. We are working with our clients to plan winter and spring projects including several exciting landscape design projects for the upcoming spring.


We have also recently attended two continuing education classes concerning fertilization programs and pesticide management. I will share with you in the upcoming newsletters what we have learned. We are really excited to bring what we have learned.


The one major concern I have being born and raised here, is that I have never seen so many baby deer. There is a mounting controversy out here as I write, on how to control the deer population. I am staying out of this controversy, but my concern is the tick population could actually be worse than last year. I will be working once again with two scientists and a doctor who are extremely dedicated to controlling these pests without hurting the environment, and more importantly you, your children and your pets. We just invested in another sprayer because of the calls we are receiving.


On September 27th we wrote our upcoming winter prediction.
Right on the money so far. Squirrels, remember?
Oops, we have three and a half months to go.


In the meantime, wishing you and yours a most joyous and fulfilling holiday season.




Winter Checklist

Firewood- a lot of firewood being sold out there is from the hurricane. It’s too green and early to burn. Most firewood needs two years to properly cure. Ours is three and is perfect to burn. Our cost is $325 delivered and stacked per cord. $195 per half cord.


Snow plowing services ready to go- We will even shovel your walkways. We use organic salt so your lawn and shrubs don’t burn.


Property management- we monitor your home to ensure it’s looked after thoroughly during the winter months and will manage any home projects you’d like to have ready for spring.


Annual Maintenance Contract renewal- Do not anticipate your rates going up this coming year. You are our valued clients and we appreciate your business.


We are also offering 10% off your contract for any referrals you may send our way (or similar value towards any maintenance service of your choice).


Thank you for the referrals you have already given us.


On a personal note, your feedback has been incredible. Our newsletter following has increased dramatically and the feedback you have given has inspired us to love what we do even more.


We are humbled and grateful.