Fall Clean-up, Reminders, Deer and Rut Season - C. Mac Landscape
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Fall Clean-up, Reminders, Deer and Rut Season

Fall Clean-up Time


What a beautiful fall it’s been up to this point. With the exception of a couple of very brief cold snaps, this this has been one of the more enjoyable falls in recent memory. Although many leaves have fallen from the trees, the color on the the remaining ones are still beautiful.


And just an FYI- Although the leaves are falling, the root systems are still active.
But we do know what lies ahead.


So here are a couple of reminders:


We are a little more than halfway through with our irrigation winterizations. We are finishing up by the end of next weekend. There is another cold snap coming but keep trusting us.


The ones we shut down are in high clay and dense topsoil ares that hold the moisture. The sandy and loamy areas need just a bit more. This has been the driest fall on record, evidenced by the amount of brush fires in our area for the last three weeks. You’re in good hands.


We have been doing property clean-up three different ways: some are weekly, some we started last week with final clean-up the first week of December, and some just one big clean-up. Along with this, we prune any trees or shrubs, clean gutters, move planters to garage or basement and assess anything else that needs to be tended to. We will go through your property with a fine tooth comb.


And if you need to be put on our short list for a Thanksgiving-ready clean-up,
please let us know.





Oh Deer!


For those of you who are not familiar with rut season, this is the time of the year that the bucks are chasing the females for some action, and the females will run anywhere to get away from them.


I cannot impress you enough to be cautious especially on the side roads. So far at this writing there have been 71 deer hit by cars in the Hamptons alone.


That’s right, 71!


This is also the time of the year when the bucks are scratching their antlers on many of the trees on your properties. They will not stop until they come off. Trees have a very sensitive vascular system directly under the bark and will be severely damage or even die if scratched enough.


To alleviate this problem wrap the tree 5 feet up from the ground or use plastic accordion pipe, or just give us a call.


And drive carefully.